¡Welcome to Corremartin!

We are a platform created by passionate and dedicated athletes committed to helping other athletes achieve their goals. At Corremartin, our mission is to take extraordinary people to extraordinary levels.

What do we do at Corremartin?

We assess the short and medium-term needs of athletes from various disciplines who require financial resources and support to participate in National and International competitions.

At the moment; We only support athletes who are active in national and international competitions.  

How can you promote or support athletes in Corremartin?

On our corremartin.com platform you can purchase products and/or services available from athletes in order to support them financially to add funds for expenses associated with registration costs, travel costs, per diem, food, needed to participate in National and International competitions. As a token of gratitude for your support, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of the Corre-VIP Zone: Exclusive material for athletes and professionals in the sports industry. 

Are you an entrepreneur or are you part of a company that seeks to generate a significant impact in the world of sports?

We encourage you to join our Corremartin Network and thus be able to reach; together, not only to the Corremartin audience; but also, to the audience of the athletes that we promote on our platform.

We encourage you to join our sports support community today and help us lead our athletes to fulfill their dreams.

¡Welcome to Corremartin, the platform where supporting sports is possible!

Meet the team!

Francesco De Santis Volpicella 
Founder & CEO

I am extremely passionate about sports, and even as a father, husband, and entrepreneur, I prioritize doing sports and exercises every day of my life. I don't see sports as an addition, I see sports as a biological necessity and the best tool to have a healthy mind and body.

I have a background in Business Administration and an MBA in Entrepreneurship & International Business, and I have created Corremartin with the heart of an athlete and the mind of an entrepreneur, to support athletes and sports enthusiasts who want to conquer the world with their talent and passion for sports. With Corremartin, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!

¿Te has preguntado porque nuestro nombre es Corremartin?

I have a Dachshund named MartinHe is a dog that runs super fast, is super fun, and loves playing with tennis balls. A few years ago, I took him to the park to play, and when I threw his ball, I said to him «Corre Martin, Corre»At that moment, I had the certainty that «Corremartin» was the ideal name for this platform. The essence of CorreMartín lies in the passion for running, having fun, and pursuing what deeply inspires us.

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