Daniela Rico Cabrera


Daniela Rico Cabrera is a Mexican athlete and nutritionist who has excelled in the world of Crossfit. With a degree in Nutrition and over 3 years of experience, Daniela runs her own nutritional consultancy called DARICA NUT, where she provides guidance to high-performance athletes, individuals with medical conditions, and those seeking to improve their quality of life through proper nutrition.

Date of Birth
December 2nd, 1994
Career Start
Place of Birth

In addition to her career as a nutritionist, Daniela is also a Crossfit and functional training coach, accumulating over 1 1/2 years of experience in the discipline. Her passion for sports and nutrition combine to provide her clients with comprehensive guidance to achieve their health and performance goals.

Daniela has competed in several Crossfit competitions, achieving remarkable accomplishments in her career. Some of her successes include first place in the Beginner category at the ROCKN'WOD Challenge 2019, second place in the Intermediate category at the Seven Barbell Challenge 2019, and first place in the Open category at the Burden Run Workout 2020. Additionally, she secured third place in the Advanced category at the Marvelous Games 2021 and the Crossfit & Fitness Challenge 2022. She has also excelled with a second-place finish in the Advanced category at the Infinity Games 2022 and claimed first place in the Advanced category at the Spring Break Games 2023 and in the Advanced Couples category at the Marvelous Games 2023.

Daniela's main goal is to become one of the top Crossfit athletes in Mexico. She aspires to achieve outstanding athletic performance in this discipline while advancing her professional career as a nutritionist. Her aim is to provide her family and daughters with the quality of life they deserve while striving to position herself in the top 10 in Mexico and earn a spot in the Crossfit Games.

To achieve her goals, Daniela recognizes that being a competitive athlete requires a significant investment in training, proper nutrition, supplementation, therapies, and travel expenses. For this reason, she is seeking support to cover the costs of travel and expenses for important competitions she wishes to attend.

Daniela Rico Cabrera is an example of dedication, perseverance, and determination. Her passion for Crossfit and nutrition drives her to reach new heights in her athletic and professional career while aiming to enhance the quality of life for her clients and be a role model in the world of fitness and health.

Location: Mexico

Instagram: @danielaricocab

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