Aldemar Gutiérrez Herrera

Streetworkout Calisthenics

Aldemar Gutiérrez Herrera, also known as "Aldo," is a passionate Colombian athlete born on October 19, 1999. From an early age, Aldo showed great interest and skills in the world of sports. His dedication and passion for sports led him to specialize as a Technician in the sports department, accumulating one year of experience in this field.

Date of Birth
October 19th, 1999
Career Start
Place of Birth
Streetworkout Calisthenics

The athlete has found his true passion in the world of sports, particularly in calisthenics. His devotion to calisthenics is reflected every day on his social media, where he shares his progress, training routines, and motivation to surpass his goals day by day. You can follow him as @aldo.bs24.

Aldo has clear goals in sports: he aims to gain worldwide recognition in his competitive level and aspires to compete in major elite categories. He dreams of meeting the best calisthenics athletes and discovering new countries through the practice of this exciting sport.

However, like any athlete in pursuit of success, Aldo faces challenges. Currently, he hopes to obtain financial resources and support to continue growing in his sports career and achieve his professional and personal goals.

Aldemar Gutiérrez Herrera is an inspiring example of perseverance, determination, and dedication in the world of calisthenics. His story and effort are a testament that with passion and hard work, dreams in sports can become a reality. With each training session and competition, Aldo continues to write his own story in the world of calisthenics, with his sights set on worldwide recognition and the opportunity to travel and experience new cultures thanks to his passion for the sport.

Location: Colombia 

Instagram: @aldo.bs24

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