Corremartin, September 15, 2023 – In an exciting boost for sports in Latin America, Super Outlet Panama has announced that it will be supporting, the leading platform for supporting athletes and sports enthusiasts. This collaboration has started with the support for Panamanian Karate Athlete Héctor Cencion in preparation for his participation in the Karate Serie A World Championship to be held in Cyprus at the end of September and the Karate World Championship to be held in Budapest, Hungary at the end of October this year.

The commercial leadership of Super Outlet Panama, renowned for offering world-renowned brands such as Nike, UnderArmour, Fila, Everlast, Joma, Swissbrand, Converse, and others at affordable prices, has decided to join's mission to empower athletes and make sports more accessible throughout the region.

"We are excited to be able to support in this exciting mission," said a spokesperson for Super Outlet Panama. "Our passion for sports and our desire to support Panamanian athletes in their pursuit of greatness has led us to support the platform. We believe that athletes like Héctor Cencion should have the opportunity to receive support to compete at the international level.", an online platform that provides comprehensive resources for athletes, from training tips to sponsorship opportunities and sports event promotion, sees this collaboration as a significant step forward.

"Super Outlet Panama shares our vision of empowering athletes and making their sports dreams come true," stated a representative of "This support excites us and will allow us to offer Panamanian athletes the opportunity to wear and use quality products from one of the most powerful groups in the region."

Together, Super Outlet Panama and are determined to raise the level of sports in the region and transform local athletes into global competitors.


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